Not Everything, but Anything


Last Thursday, the Museum of Everything returned in a bigger and better venue with a slightly tweaked title, now the Museum of Anything. In the ground floor display area of the Fruitmarket gallery, the same index cards and piles of craft supplies made their appearance, and members of the public gathered to select, hang and group objects of personal, or global importance.

I wrote about the previous incarnation of this project here and here, so I won’t say much this time around, just that some cards from the previous hanging made a reprise, and the submissions this time were even more varied and creative. Here are a few of my favorites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The bustling Fruitmarket gallery was a great venue for the project, and I think just about every visitor lingered longer than they intended to, getting absorbed in discussion or being struck with inspiration for yet another card to hang up. Again, the results of the day-long exhibition were documented and collected… who knows where this true “museum without walls” may pop up next?



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