Some Housekeeping and Updates!


So, I’ve vanished for a bit and I don’t really have any exciting or particularly compelling excuses, I’ve just been prioritizing dissertation writing and research. However, I have some more posts in the works as well as some things to clear up. If you’ve left a comment or tried to get in touch with me over the past few weeks, I am admittedly behind in responding and will try to be better about that! Most importantly, though, I’ve updated the TOTC!Jam page to reflect that it will now be an all-summer affair, continuing until the end of August. This is for the best, as the bluster of E3 and IndiE3 news as well as just life in general made a 30-day Twine Jam in the month of June a difficult thing for people to pull off. Nothing else about the rules have changed, so if you started working on something and didn’t finish, or just had an idea in your head but felt like you didn’t have enough time to actually make it, stay the course!

Hope your summers are all going well. I just caught my first glimpse of blue sky in several days so I’m feeling pretty good.


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