Making Stories: An introduction to narrative web game tools

This maker session will introduce several free, web-based tools for designing narrative games and examples of games made with these tools. Then, you will be able to explore using the tool for your own project or prototyping ideas, and I'll be here to offer advice and help if you need. Finally, we will regroup for sharing and discussion as well as looking at the options for distributing these games online.

Introduction - Browser Tools: What and why?

In this session we will be looking at tools for making narrative games that you can use from the browser on your computer. They also export as HTML files that can be shared or embedded online in a variety of ways, and be played by anyone using an internet browser. For the session, it will be best to be working from a laptop or desktop PC and using an up to date browser like Firefox or Chrome.

These are some of the exciting benefits of experimenting with these tools:

Let's Try Some Games!

Resources for Making

Discussion, Feedback and Sharing

Collaborating & More

Finding More tools

If you have any more questions or want to show me what you make, contact me through, twitter, or my website!