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Emilie M. Reed

emilie.m.reed@gmail.com | emreed.net


Abertay University

PhD Candidate | expected Spring 2019

Thesis Title: Arcades, Let’s Plays, and Avant-Gardes: Perspectives for Analyzing and Developing Videogame Exhibitions for Arts Audiences

Research degree investigating the history of curation and display of videogames and other interactive software works in arts institutions, to develop practices and frameworks for expressing videogame history and related practices through the medium of exhibition.

University of Edinburgh

MSc in Modern and Contemporary Art: History, Curating and Criticism | 2014

Dissertation Title: Video Games within Art Institutions: Theory and Practice

Taught Master’s degree program covering the history, theory and practical skills for researching,

discussing and curating art with a focus on issues specific to work from the mid 20th Century onwards. Involves traditional courses, practical internship component, and written dissertation.

Susquehanna University

Dual BA in Creative Writing and Art History | 2013

Dissertation Title: A Narrative of Many Voices: Display Strategies for Conceptual Art

Work Experience

January 2016 – November 2017

Part Time Lecturer and Teaching Assistant | Abertay University | Dundee

I delivered lectures and tutorials, and assisted with grading exams for courses on games criticism, narrative development, and digital media history.

October 2013 – May 2014

Education Assistant | Peter Potter Gallery | Haddington

I developed and delivered educational and outreach events connecting the art gallery to the community.

June 2013 – August 2013

Media & Technology Office Intern | Smithsonian American Art Museum | Washington, DC

I planned and developed social media content to support and promote the museum's current programming.

Curatorial Projects

August 2018

Pixels X Paper | Babycastles | New York

Co-curated with Blake Andrews and Ebeth, this exhibition presented a selection of videogames from creators who use Bitsy or Flatgame tools to make short, personal games. It explored how these tools influenced the aesthetics and themes of the games, and featured components where the games extended into physical space, or the visitor could create a game. I assisted with proposal development, curation, artist liaison, accompanying zine content and custom installation elements.

April 2017 & November 2017

Games Are For Everyone V & VI | We Throw Switches | Edinburgh

I assisted with the selection of videogames, liaising with artists and exhibition installation for this one-night event series, where experimental custom installations of independent and arts games are displayed in the historic venue of The Caves in Edinburgh.

August - October 2016

The Blank Arcade 2016 | Hannah Maclure Centre | Dundee

As a co-curator of the yearly exhibition of experimental games that is displayed alongside DiGRA conferences I expanded the scope of the show by increasing the length from the week of the conference to three months, in addition to playing a primary role in the selection process, liaising with artists, writing the catalogue and wall texts, and organizing public events to support the exhibition.

March 2015 - September 2016

Group Show Games | groupshowgames.tumblr.com

Group Show was a blog where I present curated selections of four games, works of art or digital objects, which served as a virtual exhibition space to express my research in a fresh way and hone my eye for curation as well as writing engaging and accessible texts.

July - September 2016

PLAYER | Perth Art Museum | Perth

For this exhibition on the history of controllers and player interfaces I was consulted for research into the equipment needs as well as helping to develop the timeline and wall text which would accompany the show. My research was supported by a grant from the Association of Art Historians.


Conferences and Events