If you've reached this page, you have probably already visited a site on the LOW TECH WEBRING. Welcome! This webring is for homepages of people who are interested in low tech, small game tools, and other forms of Web 1.0 inspired creativity. My name's Em, and I started this webring because I was inspired Olia Lialina's work documenting Geocities communities, Kris De Decker's work at LOW←TECH Magazine, and my own internet childhood.

To sum up the ethos of this webring, I'd like to quote from an interview with Kris De Decker:

It’s clear that it’s something intrinsic to web designers, this desire to build better things, because it’s not just that the typical website uses a lot of energy, it’s also just a horrible thing. It’s not fun to be on the internet anymore, at least not like it used to be, in the sense that these days, you open a website, you get a cookie warning, then you get some privacy thing that you have to click away, then you get the newsletter, then you get the ads in your face, and then by the time you get to the content, you have already lost your interest.

Maybe we should not only focus on the energy use but also simply on creating a website that shows what I want to read and that loads fast and that doesn’t bother me with all these questions.

So, please have fun on our webring!

Next Update: April Fools Day! Scroll down for information on joining the webring.

# URL Owner Description
1 https://coleoptera.neocities.org/ Em (me!) Writing and curation portfolio about small games, alt games and art games
2 https://candle.neocities.org/ candle Blog and small games projects
3 https://spdrcstl.com/ Freya Campbell Sci-fi, games, writing and music
4 https://nialltl.neocities.org/ nialltl Games and other dev projects
5 https://emmadaues.neocities.org/ Emma Daues Games, art and music portfolio
6 http://pooka.press/ Pooka Press Fiction and comics
7 http://forums.transbian.love/ Lesbiaboard A forum for trans lesbians, likeminded LGBT+ people, and allies
8 https://onionboi.neocities.org/ onion Home of all things onion
9 https://thufie.lain.haus/ thufie Blog plus free software and cyberpunk info
10 https://rumpel.neocities.org/ Rumpelcita Indie games and mods
11 https://caeth.net/ caeth a variety of creative projects by caeth
12 https://lnnyfrnds.neocities.org/ Lenny Magner Music and cute bitsy games by Lenny
13 http://www.vertexmeadow.xyz/ Ian MacLarty A tool for generating 3D worlds from 2D images
14 https://suricrasia.online/ Suricrasia Online Demoscene, imaginary books and more
15 http://maple.pet/ maple's website Music, art and coding projects
16 http://www.femicom.org/sozai/ FEMICOM Sozai Collection An online archive presenting the history of pixel gifts
17 https://niceware.neocities.org/ basile a site presenting baz's bitsy games
18 https://irradiate.space/ Irradiate Space A collection of fiction and comics
19 http://oliverblueberry.info/ Daniel P. Lopez Links to small games, comics and zines
20 http://harmonyzone.org/ thecatamites "dumb shit... no wait put "dumb shit (comma) games writing""
21 https://tn5421.github.io TN's Homepage A collection of game tools and writing
22 https://ekardnam.github.io/ ekardnam blog on libertarian technology and infosec
23 http://thewindspirit.com/ Max Anderson Animations and blog
24 https://obshagce.gamemaking.tools/ Blueberry Soft Hypermedia game-making framework
25 http://bwamp.org/ Kyle Reimergartin rooms of various size
26 https://xenonfiber.space/ Xenon Fiber Discography, blog, and independently hosted video streaming
27 https://alicee.neocities.org/ Stress-Repellent Machine video games, art and other dumb projek...god damn it i mean project!!!
28 https://frsp.xyz/ Frederick St. Peter experimental music and art
29 https://l4nn1312.neocities.org/ L4NN-1312 robot girl blog
30 https://hyena.network/geocity/ Hyena Network (HyNET) A network of: services, personal yelling into the void and hyenas.
31 https://blog.knightsofthelambdacalcul.us/ hazel tech rants and personal code hosting
32 https://www.lartu.net/ Lartu Personal server and open source repository
33 https://cometpustoj.neocities.org/ Comet Pustój As I fly by your nebula, I write space poetry and send zines to earth.
34 lata.neocities.org lata lata’s digital artworks
35 https://domushen.neocities.org/ domushen rumored page of the elite cyber-lackey ""domushen""
36 https://www.lander.blue/ matt bluelander Toons, games, characters, download, store, e-mail
37 https://zassoken.com/Hakurikikomugiko/ Zassoken Music collective based in Fukuoka, Japan
38 https://dyremyhr.no Mats El Cybre $pace
39 https://garakwasatailor.neocities.org/ Alexis Ong Writings on games, internet culture and tech.
40 https://astoundingteam.com/wordpress/ In Defense of Anagorism blogging on political economy in the non-market, non-state sector
41 http://everest-pipkin.com/ Everest Pipkin a portfolio of games, experimental software, drawings, and other projects
42 https://emilyinternet.zone/ emily site for games, animation and legos!
43 https://www.distinctly.pink/ noah's home all the things that noah did
44 https://e-vil.net/ J an evil homepage
45 https://quartzosc-chip.neocities.org/ quartz cloudy music/personal blog, dna rain 4ever
46 http://tinybird.info/ Max Bradbury creative works and musings on software, games, art and socialism
47 https://metaparadox.neocities.org/ Olivia Montoya A nostalgic website in the style of the mid-00s internet, with zines and indie games
48 http://biebersoft.tk/ Biebersoft Retro Gaming / Spoofs
49 https://dgy.fuckup.club/ deadguy art and a collection of blogs on life and nerddom
50 https://leagueh.xyz/u/katherine.peeters/ Katherine Peeters Stories and info on gamedev and FLOSS
51 https://tilde.town/~netscape_navigator/ Netscape Blog A blog on retro and low tech computing
52 https://melonking.net/ Melon "I wanted a website when I was 6, it took 17 years and a CS degree to realize I could make it."
53 https://virtualviolet.info/ virtual violet Writing, game design and programming projects.


If you have a site that you think would fit well in the LOW TECH WEBRING, we are always seeking new members! Please read the details and instructions below.

October 2020 Update!: Our webring is now powered by Onionring (thanks!). This will make updates easier and not require the last person on the ring to change their banner, though your existing banners and banner codes will still work if you are already on the ring. Visit the link for more information on how to customize the appearance of the banner on your site. This is how it will look by deafult:

Alexis Ong's Site
Webring powered by Onionring
candle's Site

Content rules are pretty simple and for the safety of everyone who would want to use the webring: nothing that would need to be under an 18+ warning visible from the front page and clearly marked if it is present, and no hate speech or similar.

If you would like to join LOW TECH WEBRING, e-mail me including your site's URL and how you would like your name included in the directory, and I will respond with the banner code to paste on your homepage as soon as I process the next batch, which tends to be every 3-4 months.

Thank you for your interest, and enjoy your time browsing the LOW TECH WEBRING!